• Starting from September 1st, 2007 SlackBuilds from this site are intended to build packages for Slackware ver. 12.0, i’ll leave older SlackBuilds so who’s running Slackware ver. 11.0 can still use them.
  • If using my SlackBuilds you get trouble with deps, please contact me at gianco71[at]libero[dot]it, so I can add SlackBuilds for the missing packages. Thank you.
  • Please note that striked text is still valid for Slackware 11.0 users (sorry for the little effort required 🙂 ).

Why only the SlackBuild

Well, this is for two reasons:

  1. Here on wordpress there are two constraints: one on disk space, 50 MB, and one on file type (only jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, ppt), so it’s hard to publish large packages without upgrading and lose the user-side constraint: no money 🙂 .
  2. Building your own package is better than install a pre-packaged one, above all due to library version installed on your system. I’m running a highly customized Slackware 12.0 11.0 (i.e. kde 3.5.6, almost all libraries upgraded to last stable versions etc.) so my packages would not run on a fresh installed Slackware 12.0 11.0. Using a SlackBuild, you are sure that once all compiling requirements are satisfied (that would be a runtime requirements if you install a pre-packaged build), the build will be 100% compatible with your system.


Download the [application].tar.bz2 file, then unpack it in a folder of your choice:

tar -xvjf [application].tar.bz2

you will find a folder named [application], enter that folder:

cd  [application]

and now you have two paths in front of you.

Quick mode


./[application].Slackbuild --cleanup

wait for package build, when your prompt is ready, type

installpkg [application-package-name]


upgradepkg [application-package-name]

Take your time and check what you downloaded

In the tar you downloaded, you will find some files:

[application].SlackBuild  check-files.txt
slack-desc  slack-required

The file


is a dump of

tar -tvzf [application-package-name]

this is to check what will be installed, the list of the files the list of files, ownership, permissions and size contained in the package built with the


script (modified 2007, February 16th: older packages don’t have this feature).

The file


is intended for checking what you will need to successfully compile [application], without altering the configure options in the scripts.

I usually try to enable all the features of an application, you can trim optional requirements deleting the configure option. The requirements are already in your stock Slackware 12.0 11.0. If not, I will post the SlackBuilds for deps too, unless I forget to do this. If some dep is missing, contact me and I will add the missing dep asap.

You can, of course, open your vi / emacs / joe / jed / jove / pico / nano / gedit / kate / kwrite and tweak


to suit your needs.


The default arch for packages is i486.

The package versions in the file


applies only to my system, so consider only the package name as a requirement (i.e. if you read kdelibs >= 3.5.6, probably the program will compile with the stock kdelibs 3.5.4 supplied by Slackware).

Please note that if you have requiredbuilder installed building can take a lot of time, depending on how much libraries you have installed in your system.


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