kpogre 1.6.2

KPoGre is graphic administration tool for PostgreSQL database system for KDE. It uses libpqxx library.

Main features:

  • Browsing through PostgreSQL system catalog
  • Wizards for create, modify and drop database objects
  • Wizards for database administration tasks (backup, restore, vacuum, analyze)
  • Wizards for changing access privileges
  • SQL Query/result windows, for editing and executing SQL statements and viewing result
  • Datatable windows for edit database tables content
  • Executor windows for run database functions

The file contains SlackBuilds for lipqxx and kpogre (this is the right build order). You need postgresql installed, too.

Download the file kpogre.tar.bz2

For any problem, contact me at gianco71[at]libero[dot]it


2 Responses to “kpogre 1.6.2”

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