upgraded: amarokFS 0.5

AmarokFS is a full screen front end for Amarok. The look can be changed by custom themes.

This app comes with no configure, so I had to tweak the qmake config file to adapt it to slackware system paths (see slackware.amarokFS-xml.pro file included in SlackBuild download).

FIXED: doc path in qmake conf file was wrong, now fixed to /usr/doc/amarokFS/ . Sorry for that…

Download the file amarokFS.tar.bz2

For any problem, contact me at gianco71[at]libero[dot]it


3 Responses to “upgraded: amarokFS 0.5”

  1. vaquerito Says:

    a te il riflesso della copertina degli album e’ trasparente?

  2. Si, in effetti si. Ma non uso AmarokFS quasi mai (blocca il desktop corrente).

  3. I was a big fan of AmarokFS.
    And then I discovered Kirocker Music Display:

    It’s a full screen mode in steroids šŸ™‚
    It looks very pro, so I can use it in parties with Windows friends without fear šŸ˜‰
    And it displays everything you want to know in a clean way.
    It even inform me when I received a message on Jabber, but was away from the computer when I received it.

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